Party Assistance

Party Assistance

We Maid services have an expert team of party planners and achievers whether your little party or a grand party. We cover it in all dimensions from planning to conducting the function. Share your plan regarding the party. We will help you to execute it to be a remarkable and rememberable one. The events we handled are

  • Wedding party
  • Birthday party
  • Proposal arrangements
  • Retirement party

Our events that the people remember Ever……..

In all parties, we look over

  • reception stage arrangements
  • Video/Audio management
  • Photography
  • Invitation
  • Programme schedule
  • Decoration
  • Gift distribution

All the scheduled events at the party you drop the worries and enjoy the party. We and our experts are unique is…..

  • Focussed on customer needs
  • Creative vision on events.
  • Quality and originality in service.


Share your burdens of party

Stay & keep your enjoyment.

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