Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

It is a full cleaning process of the house in springtime. The cleaning checklist of spring cleaning was,

  • Cabinets cleaning is to cut through the dirt and leave the wood moisturized.
  • Window cleaning is to remove smudges and spots.
  • Countertops cleaning is to wipe up spills of water or remove other solid beads.
  • Bed cleaning is to washing pillowcases, Bedsheets, and your fluffy sleeping accessories.
  • Surface cleaning is the cleaning of bathroom and tiles in other places of a house with baking soda and water. The sponge mob helps us in this surface cleaning.

Refrigerator cleaning means clean in and outside of it with warm soapy water. Dishwasher cleaning is for removing stains and food particles inside and bottom of it with also friendly dishwasher cleaner. Like that we ‘Right Maids’ take care of your

  • Washing machine cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture and sofa cleaning
  • Closest cleaning
  • Walls cleaning
  • Bookshelves cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning

Our experts in spring cleaning scheme move around all your house and apply high tech cleaning tools for cleaning that make your home ready for the past spring season with a healthy and happy atmosphere.

Prepare a checklist for cleaning


Enjoy the clean world inside your home

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