5 Reasons to Hire​ a maid from right maids

Because we do it right

Just like our slogan, “Right Maids, The Right Choice”, Our quality in providing you the best service is unbeatable, for which we received ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system from Bureau of Assessment Services. Our company has gained a strong reputation by delivering our customers needs. We had always been striving for quality. We consistently deliver, what we promise. 


You’re booking a maid, she comes to your home, cleans your living room, your bedroom, your kids’ room, looks after your kids and she leaves at the end of the day. The whole scenario has more do with trustworthiness. Being a trustworthy company doesn’t come in one go. We have never been doubted for our trustworthiness and loyalty. Instead of just being a company that creates a product and tries to sell it to their customers, we create relationships. Our kind and loyal maids are the best thing your family deserves. 

Industry Experience

Our 20 years of service experience in the market has given us enormous knowledge of different customers needs and preferences. During the past two decades, we have served thousands of happy customers. We can now bet that we’re the best cleaning service provider among all. We have customers who had been with us from day one. Our motto is to always value our customers, we provide them with the best. Best in everything!

Customized cleaning plans 

We offer you the best cleaning plan on the market, you can explain to us your availability and we will customize the service accordingly. Suppose, you booked a maid, and at the last moment you remember the flight you had and you don’t need the maid at the moment. CANCEL IT ANYTIME. Unlike others, We’re OK with Last minute changes. Coming to cleaning materials, You may have your cleaning-supplies but may not have a vacuum cleaner. Now, why do you have to pay for the whole set? Unlike other maid services, we understand your needs. You can specify the specific items you require and you will be charged only for those cleaning items (Not for the whole set). Further, you can avail the same maid on every service you book! In that way, your chosen maid will understand your preferences completely that you don’t even need to give instructions anymore. 

Valet Friendly 

As said, we provide you with the best and that’s obvious, but best is usually associated with High price. However, this is not the case!! Our services are the most affordable too. Starting from just AED 35/hr on all weekdays. Furthermore, we often have mind blowing offers, just like the Saturday offer we have right now, at just AED 100 for 4 hours of service!! Unbelievable isn’t it? Become our regular customer and we will offer you service at even better prices. Book your service now 

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